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Plans and Pricing*

We sell lists in 3 Options: Option 1 - one county, Option 2 - three counties or Option 3 - all counties in South Carolina.

All of our plans include the following information in Pre-Foreclosure Data Lists:
      - Property Address
      - Owner Name
      - Bank Name
      - Date Lis Pendens was filed

All of our plans are by month. Cancel your subscription at anytime - no contracts. Your price is locked, and you determine how long you receive the lists.

*By clicking Subscribe and purchasing our Pre-foreclosure data lists, you argee that you have read and agree to our Terms of Use and Service and Privacy Policy.

Option 1 - 1 County

South Carolina counties vary in size and number of homes, so the number of foreclosures vary by county as well. We decided to group the counties by number of foreclosures; that way, the cost more accurately reflects the size of the county.

Group 1 - $15 per County Group 2 - $25 per County Group 3 - $30 per County
Any county not listed
in Group 2 or 3


Select the County Group
List Your County

Option 2 - 3 Counties

Simple as can be - select this Option and list the 3 counties from any Group you want. Mix and match the counties from different Groups or select all of your counties from one Group. The choice is yours!

Select Your County Group
List Your Three Counties:

Option 3 - All SC Counties

All South Carolina counties are included in Option 3. On average, we collect over 1,400 Lis Pendens filings each month.

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