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General Marketing Tips

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General Marketing Tips

Tip 1: You must know who your target audience is.
Tip 2: Campaign with online presence.
Tip 4: Focus your message on benefits
Tip 5: Create an easy and direct call to action
Tip 6: Headlines are everything.
Tip 7: Track your campaigns, leads and how much they cost.
Tip 8: Personalized as possible.
Tip 9: Testimonials
Tip 10: Build a collection of “swipe files.”
Tip 11: Leverage your time effectively by creating an automated system.

Marketing Website
Although we do not market to Lis Pendens files, we do use to market to potential customers. We also use as a tool to keep in touch with our customers, renters, vendors and so on. enables you to upload a contact list or enter contacts manually. You can also run marketing campaigns.

Here are a few card samples:
Card 1
Card 2
Card 3
Card 4
Card 5
Card 6

If seems like it might be a fit, visit and send a free card.

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