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South Carolina Lis Pendens Data Lists

We provide Lis Pendens Data Lists at a flat fee per month. Our customers receive Lis Pendens Data Lists via email each week as the data is collected. Our team collects data directly from each county.

With our data lists, you will receive weekly updates as Lis Pendens are filed. Do not wait until the monthly Foreclosure Auction lists are published. By then, you have less than one month until the auction, and it is too late to conduct any effective marketing. Also, less than 30 days is too short of a time frame to structure a deal that suits your investment needs unless you plan on paying cash at full price.

Our Lis Pendens Data Lists give you a 4-6 month window (on average) to market to and structure deals with homeowners - 6 months!!!

Do you know many of the properties that have a Lis Pendens filed against them do not make it to the Foreclosure Auction? The reason is the homeowners were able to save their home from foreclosure. A lot of times this is due to a homeowner finding and using services and professionals, such as yourself, to help them out of their financial situation.

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